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Poor, or out of date Business Skills, that are used day to day, costs you thousands in lost time and productivity which is easily fixed with precision training from Mi Crow Courses

The Past & Present

of online learning

Old online learning
  • Long mind numbing courses that sap time from your operation
  • Blowing training budgets on unused licences
  • Only a few take ownership leading to reduced ROI

The Future

of online learning

Modern online learning
  • 3 minute videos precision targeted to exactly what you need
  • Pay for what you need – no more expensive per user contracts
  • Customised User Engagement Programme maximises ROI

Our clients are loving Mi Crow Courses


Why business owners are switching to Mi Crow Courses

  • Less is more

    Learn exactly what you need to in just a few minutes with precision targeted Mi Crow Courses

  • No fuss licensing

    Giving access to everyone and everything but only paying for those that use it

  • Get what you want when you want it

    Mi Crow Courses get right to what you want, when you want, quickly and perfectly

  • User engagement programme

    Users remain fully engaged with the learning content helping all achieve their goals and objectives

  • Remarkable customer service

    We’re massively passionate about you and about what we do and you’ll benefit from that every single day

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Our users are seeing great results

“We have been working with Mi Crow for just over a year now and I have found Linda and Mike to be highly professional and exceptionally customer focussed.  They are passionate about their offering and have shown that they are willing to invest time and effort into providing the product and service to suit the individual organisation.  Mi Crow’se-learning modules are short, up to date and to the point and complement our existing LMS.”

“We implemented this online library of short videos as an alternative to some classroom training for Microsoft Office. The videos are hosted on our LMS and enable us to provide 24/7 support at a point of need to our learners. We are able to break down the learning process into easily digestible chunks which can be revisited as often as necessary to embed learning. This gives our staff exactly what they need at an affordable price and their learning is kept up to date and relevant by their friendly and helpful team.”

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