Mi Crow Courses for Skype for Business

9 Skype for Business Mi Crow Courses teach you quickly and easily how to become a proficient and confident user of Microsoft Skype for Business. The days of having to leave your desk, office or home to have a meeting have come to end.

You can save time, energy and the planet by communicating electronically with Skype for Business. Enjoy Chatting using messages, set up an Audio call or even better still create a Video call. You can do one on one or by setting up a conference call. The way we work today is changing fast, get onboard with Mi Crow Courses for Skype for Business.

Skype for Business Mi Crow Course Titles

  • Log in and Log out – Menu bars, Icons and Phone Numbers
  • All about Contacts – Contact and Status Options, Organising Groups and Contact Lists
  • Profile and Status – Adding your picture, Setting availability status, Status updates and location
  • Tasks – Regular Tasks, How to start an Audio and Video call, Sending an Email, Schedule a Meeting and Create new Contacts
  • How to Share your Desktop Programme and Presentation
  • All about Meetings
  • Meetings can be Fun – using the Whiteboard and Creating a Poll
  • All you need to know about Instant Messaging
  • Customise – Relationship settings, General and Personal Options, Personalise Alerts, Configure Audio, File and Recording Options

Because you will learn in 3-minute chunks you can Get in, Get out and Get on with your day!

Save the planet

Mi Crow Courses for Skype for Business will simply make your life easier. You can talk face to face, share data, share screens, save time, energy and the planet. Not bad for a suite of software!

Learning Made Easy