Can I add my own content to a supplier’s portal?

These days, businesses will often have their own content. Equally, they might be looking at an LMS, but not quite made that decision to move ahead. Meanwhile, you might already be serving up content via a Supplier’s Portal. But can you add your content in there?

In our experience, this tends to be on a best endeavours basis. It’s worth realising that most content providers are not learning management system or platform experts. They have portals, but they are more about serving up their great content, with a side helping of reporting, than being all encompassing LMS’s.

However, it’s worth asking your content supplier, as depending on the format of your content, it can be possible for them to upload your content too. It can sometimes be possible if the amount of content you want uploading / hosting isn’t huge. If you plan on adding lots and lots of courses (every week), then it’s likely you will swamp your content provider and distract them from doing what they do best – making content.