How do I deal with new starters and leavers?

Whether you have the content uploaded to your Learning Management System (LMS) or you use your suppliers Portal, dealing with new starters and leavers should be really easy to manage. In most instances, this functionality should be built into the system and capable of being managed by duly authorised personnel within your business.

In some systems, you will find that it’s easy to manage new starters but not so with respect to leavers. Sometimes this may be software related, but if leavers needed to be deleted your supplier will be only too pleased to assist you. It would be worthwhile asking them to modify the software so that you are able to remove users, alternatively, you can set up a regular process that ensures personnel information is kept up to date.

That said, you will find that these days most online tools and applications will give you, as the customer, complete control over administrating both your content and your users. It’s also worth making sure that you can bulk upload and/or delete users (particularly useful if you have a large influx of new people looking to consume the content).