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Mi Crow Course Features

  • Learn each topic in short 3-minute video chunks
  • Benefit from Mi Crow’s 60 Seconds of Genius
  • Host your content on Mi Crow or your own LMS
  • Learn when you want, where you want, how you want
  • Apply your learning immediately to your work
  • View on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Phone
  • Your learning at your fingertips 24/7
  • Regular Updates

Our users are seeing great results

“We implemented this online library of short videos as an alternative to some classroom training for Microsoft Office. The videos are hosted on our LMS and enable us to provide 24/7 support at a point of need to our learners. We are able to break down the learning process into easily digestible chunks which can be revisited as often as necessary to embed learning. This gives our staff exactly what they need at an affordable price and their learning is kept up to date and relevant by their friendly and helpful team.”

“The bite-sized nature of the video library, its accessibility and the high quality of the videos helps us encourage people to take on learning which can easily fit into their day. Now we can demonstrate that we provide all the tools people require in order to take control of their own personal development and our people understand that learning is not something that is done to you in a classroom but something that they can take charge of whenever and wherever its’ needed.”

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